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A country divided on issues of morality is imploding

Trying to recover from removing God, we were already eroding

The tipping point I believe is what it is called

The results of self-truths most people are appalled

Searching so deeply for a hope to get behind

Only to fall flat no hope we seem to find

Is there any hope for our dark and dying nation?

Should it really be this bad in the age of information?

We need a healer someone to mend our many scars

Is there something or someone who can help us above the stars?

WHERE IS GOD! We shout at the top of our lungs

Does He really love us asks his daughters and sons

Is there hope or are we here to die?

Live our best life and in the end at least we tried

There is nothing we can do nothing can fill the void

We are at the end all hope has been destroyed

We need hope


There is someone who came here to share in our distress

Someone who lived among us and came into our terrible mess

A savior born to die so that we could have new life

The God of the universe come down and shared our strife

To give hope to the hopeless and be the payment once for all

He took our sins upon the cross and for us he took the fall

God laid the sins of man upon him in the brief moment of time

The Son of Man nailed to a cross was crucified

For past, present, and future all sins upon that cross

Jesus died in our place so that we would not be lost

Defeating death Jesus offers eternal life to all

Believe in Him and you no longer have to take the fall

The ultimate sacrifice he made is sufficient for mankind

Accept his life and your hope will no longer be confined

Only life through him can we truly make sense of it all

The Creator God came down and broke down the wall

The wall of sin and shame we no longer need to be afraid

God saved us all believe in Him and you will be saved

There is hope.

"For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord"

Romans 6:23

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