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Our Story

   A Search For
Perfect Cup   

It all started with some borrowed raw Colombian beans, an old popcorn popper from goodwill, and an old spoon from the kitchen. I fired the air popper up anxiously poured in the raw beans and watched them as they chased each other around the bottom of the popcorn popper. A few minutes passed and I began to see the beautiful transformation from a ugly green bean to a beautiful 

golden brown color and I knew this moment was special. The beans began to crack open notifying me that they were ready to be taken out and cooled down. Twenty four hours later came the moment I had been waiting for, it was time to try the coffee that I had roasted the day before. I ground the beans up and took in the glorious smell of the freshest coffee I had ever had. I quickly made a cup, closed my eyes, and took a drink. It was then I knew I could never go back. I could never go back to drinking stale old coffee again because the drink before me was  far superior to any coffee that had ever touched my lips. It was then that I knew I wanted to share that same experience with the world. On that day the beginnings of I&L was born.

A one pound home roaster was soon gifted to me and I immediately got to work. My Wife and I signed up for our churches craft fair and we sold completely out. Soon  we were getting so many orders that our home roaster blew up. We decided it was time to get serious and bought a commercial roaster. From then on it has been our mission to share the experience of fresh roasted coffee to the world. We want people to experience the same moment that I had so many years before the experience of coffee as it should be.  

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